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& Environmental Law

Natural resource companies, including oil and gas companies, are a major part of the business scene in Wyoming and have been for many years. It is a heavily regulated sector of the economy at both the state and federal levels. There are competing interests from landowners to multinational corporations, in an environment of rules and laws governing their operations. For these reasons, it is important for companies engaged in energy-related business to have knowledgeable legal representation. 

At Coal Creek Law, the attorneys have long been involved with the energy industry. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about natural resources, energy, and oil and gas law, representing clients from oil drilling companies to multi-state pipeline operators. The firm’s attorneys routinely handle contract issues, worker’s compensation claims, personal injury defense, and advise on environmental compliance issues. 

Coal Creek Law offers full representation to the natural resources sector in areas such as:

  • Operating agreements and contracts

  • Royalty and payment disputes

  • Land leasing and land use issues

  • Purchase and sale of land, including land title matters

  • Business formation and organization

  • Access and rights of way

  • Mineral rights and mining

  • Water rights 

  • Injury claims

Coal Creek Law has developed a focus on environmental law. Attorneys at Coal Creek Law have worked extensively with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. Their knowledge and understanding of state environmental laws are invaluable to clients. Coal Creek Law handles state and federal environmental matters for corporate clients, including defending and advising them on environmental matters. 

The firm’s clients in environmental matters include manufacturing companies, public utilities, mining concerns, oil and gas business, school districts, and individual landowners. The firm undertakes transactional matters such as permitting on public and private lands and environmental compliance audits relating to:

  • Hazardous waste

  • Water quality

  • Soil and groundwater quality

  • Air quality

  • Sewage

  • Runoff

  • Wetlands

  • Wind farms 

Coal Creek Law helps clients operate under laws such as the Clean Water At, the Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recover Act, and others. They appear at hearings before the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council and represent clients in state and federal courts.

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